Bed Bug ID

Key points when identifying bed bugs:

  1. All bed bugs have six legs with a pair of antennae and are wingless
  2. Adults are rust colored and young bed bugs are beige
  3. If the bed bugs have fed recently there lower bodies will range from blood red to black
  4. Adults are apple seed size while younger bed bugs can be slightly smaller than sesame seeds

The pictures below show a close up of what bed bugs look like from egg to adult.

Bed Bug Egg Bed Bug Young Bed Bug Adult
(photo by Ben Hottel 2011)
Young Bed Bug
(Ben Hottel 2011)
(Ben Hottel 2011)

Other Evidence of Bed Bugs

In addition to being able to identify what bed bugs look like, it is important to know how to identify their presence from fecal matter and blood smears.

Fecal Matter Blood Smears Zoomed Out Infestation
Fecal Matter from Digested Blood
(Ben Hottel 2011)
Blood Smears on Sheets
(Ben Hottel 2011)
Part of Infested Matress Cover
(Ben Hottel 2011)
Infestation Zoomed In
Close up of infestation with adults, young, fecal matter, and shed skins present
(Ben Hottel 2011)