How do you know if you have bed bugs?

  1. Bed bug bites can cause skin irritation and inflammation. However, not all individuals will react to the bite of a bed bug. In addition, other pests and medical conditions can cause reactions similar to that of bed bugs. Ultimately, a good inspection should be performed to confirm the presence or absence of bed bugs. Look for bed bugs to confirm that an infestation exists.

  2. Adult bed bugs are apple seed size and shape. They are wingless and do not fly or jump. Bloodstains on bed sheets, fecal spots, hatched eggs, and shed skins also are suggestive evidence of an infestation.

  3. Bed bugs are typically found close to their blood meal. They are found 70% of the time near the bed. They are also common around chairs and sofas which are frequently used by occupants. Tools to use in performing the inspection include a good flashlight.

    1. Key Places to Check

      1. Areas around the bed (bed sheets, mattresses, headboards, bed frames, box springs, dust ruffles and under nightstands, etc.)

        1. It is important to remember that these insects can fit into very small cracks and crevices.

        2. It may be necessary to unassembled night stands and head boards for a thorough inspection. At the very least, remove drawers and check inside the night stand and turn the night stand over and check the cracks and crevices underneath.

        3. Be careful when removing sheets and other items during inspection so that any possible bed bugs are not spread to other areas. Bed bugs are excellent hitch hikers and can be easily transported on furnishings, back packs and clothing.

      2. Other furniture in the room (dressers, couches, picture frames, desks, chairs, lamps, ect.)

        1. Note: cluttered rooms are perfect habitats for bed bugs to thrive in, cleaning up miscellaneous items off the floor and around the room will decrease places the bed bugs can hide and make inspections and possible future treatments easier.

  4. It is important to realize that even the best visual inspection can miss finding a minor bed bug infestation. There are monitors available which can be used to help supplement visual inspections.

    1. A monitor that can be used is the Climbup™ Insect Interceptor

      1. Jeff White at bed explains how to set up these interceptor traps and explains there potential use.

    2. Even if you don’t catch any bed bugs in these monitors, the bed bugs could still be present.