What if you find Bed Bugs?

What happens at University Housing?

For Non University Housing:

After notifying your landlord, preliminary steps can be taken to remove bed bug infestations from personal items and living areas while waiting for pest management professional intervention.

  1. If you have a vacuum cleaner, vacuum up the bed bugs you find and dispose of the contents immediately.  Wash any bristles and nozzles used with hot water and soap. If the vacuum is not cleaned immediately the vacuum could become infested with bed bugs too.
  2. Eggs are difficult to vacuum up, because they are usually cemented to the surface they are laid on.  Eggs can be killed with alcohol wipes.
  3. Put all clothing in tightly sealed garbage bags.  Miscellaneous items can also be placed in tightly sealed garbage bags.  Placing clothing, bed sheets and other items, such as shoes, in a drier on high heat for at least 15 minutes will kill all of the bed bugs.
    1. Clothes and other items should be kept in some sort of sealed container (such as garbage bags or sealed plastic containers) after being cleaned so that they do not become re-infested with bed bugs.